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AdLib file formats reference library entry:


  • A: The file format is already (partly) supported by AdPlug.
  • D: File format documentation/specification is available.
  • E: Editor software is available.
  • P: Player software is available.
  • M: Test music files are available.
  • S: Source code is available.


  D  M

I've attached two games that use CMF files (Stone Age and Dimo's Quest). I unpacked fxdriver.exe and viewed it, and it appears that it also reads CIF files (of which I don't have any). The credits for Stone Age say the music was created with something called "MacsOpera".

I've also attached a file that documents as much as I can determine about the CMF format. A program called File Monitor helped me here (see its output in With your experience you could probably work out the gaps - I imagine they're similar to other Adlib tracker formats.

You're under no obligation to make a player for it. I just think it would be cool to bring back a tracker format from the dead.

I don't know how much use the fxdriver.exe file would be to you in figuring out the problem. An idea I had is to record a tune into RAW format and analyse that. I've attached Stone Age RAW files if you need them (although I may have clipped off some important stuff from the beginning of them during editing).

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