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To download AdPlug, please go to the download page. Be sure to read the following download instructions at least once.

Download instructions:

On the download page, first locate your desired AdPlug module, then select the version, you like to download. The following table gives an overview of the available modules and file releases.

AdPlug core library

AdPlug library source distribution for all architectures:

You need this only if you like to write your own AdPlug frontend or want/have to recompile any of the available frontends.

The following file packages are available:

  • adplug-*.tar.bz2 - bzip2 compressed source
  • adplug-*.tar.gz - gzip compressed source
  • adplg* - Stripped-down source version for DOS users only (PKZIP compressed)
  • adplug*.zip - Precompiled binary (unoptimized) for DOS users (PKZIP compressed)

AdPlay/DOS for MS-DOS:

AdPlay/DOS is AdPlug's MS-DOS based frontend. Sporting an exclusively programmed, highly configurable textmode interface, it provides a convenient playback experience.

The following file packages are available:

  • adplay*.zip - PKZIP compressed binary (i386 protected mode)
  • adply* - PKZIP compressed source
  • timer*.zip - Watcom C/C++ 11.x Timer Library (needed by adply*
  • window*.zip - Watcom C/C++ 11.x Textmode Window Classes (needed by adply*

AdPlay/UNIX for UNIX compatible architectures:

AdPlay/UNIX is a classic UNIX console frontend with all the usual bells and whistles. It is proven to work well on many different kinds of UNIX flavours.

The following file packages are available:

  • adplay-*.tar.bz2 - bzip2 compressed source
  • adplay-*.tar.gz - gzip compressed source

AdPlug Winamp input plugin:

The AdPlug Winamp plugin was the first available frontend for AdPlug and right now, it is the most advanced frontend of them all. Winamp is available at

Since version 1.6 of the plugin, no binary versions are distributed through SourceForge's File Release System! This is because binary versions are now compiled including the latest OPL2 emulator from the MAME distribution for the best emulation quality. These later versions bear a non OSI compliant license and thus cannot be distributed through SourceForge.

Another website has been created, where these binary versions can be downloaded. If you want the binary versions, please go to:

The following file packages are available:

  • in_adlib-*.zip - PKZIP compressed binary
  • in_adlib-*.exe - Win32 self-installing binary
  • in_adlib-* - PKZIP compressed source
  • in_adlib-*.tar.gz - gzip compressed source

AdPlug XMMS input plugin:

AdPlug/XMMS is an XMMS input plugin. It supports playback of all formats using AdPlug's OPL2 emulator only. XMMS is available at

The following file packages are available:

  • adplug-xmms-*.tar.bz2 - bzip2 compressed source
  • adplug-xmms-*.tar.gz - gzip compressed source

AdPlug Database:

The AdPlug database is the source for AdPlug to get essential replay information about problematic files. Some file formats (eg. Apogee's IMF format) contain too few information about a song for it to be correctly replayed by AdPlug. To counter this, the AdPlug database was created.

If you have a problematic file that's not covered in this database, please file a bug report against the database and include either the problematic file itself or the corresponding database entry.

The following file packages are available:

  • adplug.db - uncompressed database file
  • adplugdb-*.tar.gz - gzip compressed database package

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